500+ Brands Have Attended the Retail East Summit

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Building a customer experience that both delights the customer and drives revenue requires transforming not only the front-end consumer touch points, but also the back-end processes that support that experience. Successful retail and CPG brands understand that innovation must incorporate more than sexy new digital tools. Meaningful innovation begins with the right team, organized in an effective manner with an organizational structure and communication system that allows for efficient decision-making.

As more and more brands add the title Chief Experience Officer (CXO) to their C-Suite it begs the questions “Where does the customer experience begin?” and “Who is responsible for delivering a great customer experience?”. The Retail East 2018 CXO Summit will address these questions and several others that arise in the course of building a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

At Retail East 2018, join fellow senior Retail and CPG Executives on a collaborative exploration of how to build a competitive retail brand from the inside out.